Agimet Intelligent Detection Obstacle Track

Detector Obstacles

 The Agimet Detector Obstacles are the latest addition to our innovative product line. Detectors have currently an accuracy better than 99,4 %.

 Each obstacle in the Agimet Intelligent Detection Obstacle Track -series incorporates a unique technology solution that enables the detection of all dogs that step on the detection area, no matter what is the size of the dog or speed of the touch. The detector observes electrical changes as the dog moves over the detector area and makes a decision of a confirmed touch event as necessary. An event is reported by light and sound or optionally using an earpiece.

 Detectors are self-calibrating and maintenance-free. Same level of care and cleaning that is reasonable for other obstacles is sufficient. Power is supplied through USB-A-Connector using an AC adapter or the powerbank provided with the obstacles. When fully charged, the included powerbank gives obstacles operational time for the whole practice or competition day.

 Each set of Detection Obstacles is delivered with a receiver unit (light, sound and earplug connector) and powerbanks for detection areas and for the receiver unit.

 Please note that the detection functionality is intended to be used in normal competition conditions, excluding heavy rain and snow. The detection surface must be handled with appropriate carefulness.

- The electrical parts of Detection Obstacles have CE markings
- The detection events are transmitted to the receiver using radio frequency
- All units are USB-powered
- All embedded electronics are waterproof and sealed inside the obstacle